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Supervision Intervention Strategies

Recruitment and Retention Toolkit   Supervision Intervention Strategies   Introduction: The Effective Supervisor [2.8.0]

Introduction: The Effective Supervisor [2.8.0]


Supervision is viewed essentially as a helping process, designed to support staff members as they seek to promote the goals of their organizations and advance their own career development. The concept of supervision envisions a collaborative process that accomplishes organizations’ goals and helps members grow both as people and as leaders.
This Toolkit uses the following definitions: 
  • Supervision – Planning, directing, monitoring and evaluating the work of another. [Citation: Northwest Frontier ATTC. Clinical Supervision I, Building Chemical Dependency Counselor Skills – Instructor Guide. Retrieved on October 17, 2007 from]
  • Clinical Supervision – A social influence process that occurs over time, in which the supervisor participates with supervisees to ensure quality clinical care. [Citation: Center for Substance Abuse Treatment. Addiction Counseling Competencies; The Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes of Professional Practice. Technical Assistance Publication (TAP) Series 21. DHHS Publications NO. (SMA) 06-4171. Rockville, MD: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 2006]
This chapter offers information on supervision in general. Links to resources on clinical supervision are included and highlight the quality resources available from behavioral health organizations. We encourage behavioral health organizations to provide examples or information on effective supervision with our readers.

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