Support: Dealing with Stress in the Workplace

Support: Dealing with Stress in the Workplace

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The Frustrated Employees: Who They Are

Quick Take on Frustrated Employees

  1. They might be the most motivated and engaged in the organization.
  2. If frustration continues, they will fight, fly (leave), or burnout.
  3. When they leave, they might not name frustration as the reason.
  4. Most supports for frustrated employees are non-financial.
According to Hay Group Insight, a frustrated employee is highly motivated and committed to organizational objectives, but is held back by a poor job fit or organizational barriers:
“Most organizations today employ a sizeable number of people who are stymied at work. These individuals are aligned with organizational goals and objectives and enthusiastic about making a difference—but they are held back by roles that do not suit them or work environments that get in their way. “Frustrated” employees represent a real lost opportunity for organizations. From a motivational perspective, organizational leaders have these employees where they want them. But when it comes to ensuring that they are as productive as possible, organizations are missing out. Worse yet, frustrated employees are unlikely to persist in that state over the long term.” [1]
Surveys conducted by Hay Group Insight indicate that:
  • Twenty percent or more of workers might be frustrated.
  • They are often unnoticed, since they are meeting their goals and deadlines.
  • They are disinclined to criticize the organization, especially if they see that barriers in the work environment are not likely to change.
  • They usually do not disclose that they are frustrated.
  • The major factor in their frustration is a lack of support.
  • They will eventually fight the organizational barriers to get the support they need, burn out and become less motivated and engaged, or leave for an organization that is more supportive.
The issue of frustrated employees is not one of engagement or motivation, but one of support.  

[1] Royal, M. (2008). The Frustrated employee: help me help you. Hay Group Focus, May (2008).

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