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Support: Dealing with Stress in the Workplace

Wellness Resource [2.10.3.c.1]

Wellness in General

The Definition and Core Practices of Wellness 

This paper published by the Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) discusses the core practices of wellness and considerations for the future tools and interventions for individuals and employers. Found Here.

The Workforce and Family Program

The New America Foundation’s Workforce and Family Program educates and engages policy-makers and the public to build consensus around new policy solutions that benefit children, strengthen families, improve workforce skill development, help Americans balance their work and life commitments, and enhance the competitiveness of the American economy. Through its Child Well-Being Project, its Workforce and Family Building Project and its Work and Life Balance Project, the Program conducts research, holds conferences and events and promotes innovative, market-oriented solutions to pressing public problems. Found Here.

Supporting a Healthier American Workplace: Workplace Flexibility and Mental Health and Wellness - Cosponsored by the Congressional Mental Health Caucus 

The New America Foundation's Workforce and Family Program, the American Psychological Association, and Workplace Flexibility 2010, sponsored a briefing to highlight the interaction between work-life conflict and health outcomes. The event explored the impact of work-life balance on the health of workers, their families, employers, and communities. Experts discussed the role of workplace flexibility in eliminating, limiting, or preventing injury and disease, achieving health equity, creating social and physical environments that promote good health, healthy development, and healthy behaviors. Found Here.

Wellness Chamber of Commerce (For Employers)

The United States Wellness Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit organization that aligns employers with local health and wellness professionals to create a healthier workforce.  With headquarters in Frisco, Texas, the Wellness Chamber is creating a healthier nation, one employer at a time, through hands-on programming addressing each employee and dependant’s physical, mental/emotional, and preparedness wellness.  For further information, please contact the Wellness Chamber at 800-429-4556 or visit Click Here

How to Set Up a Wellness Program at Work

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Partnership for Prevention have a new guidebook - Healthy Workforce 2010 and Beyond - to help employers plan, implement, and evaluate workplace health promotion programs that lower health costs and boost productivity. Found Here. 

Twelve Employee Newsletter Tips, Ideas, and Articles for Corporate Wellness and Health 

This article by provides suggestions and lessons learned for producing a wellness and health newsletter for employees. Click Here has suggestions on relaxation practices to reduce stress, they can be found Here. 

Stress Reducing Techniques for your Staff  

By Adele Gregory. This article provides general insights into prevention and reduction of stress on a managerial level, found Here.

Are You in Balance?

Canadian Mental Health Association,
Work life balance quiz.

Self Assessment Tools

These tools, gathered by Mental Health at Work, can be used by employees to help them assess their mental health and identify some symptoms of common mental health issues. Click Here

Healthier Employees and Cost Savings: Expanding our Definition of Wellness at Work

An article by Ellen Galinsky, President, Families and Work Institute
Found at: Click Here

Cost vs. Success of Corporate Wellness Initiatives

Lifestyle changes and health and wellness programs are no longer programs for the vain or cautious. They are programs required to meet a global concern for deaths related to lifestyle behaviors. To read the rest of the article Click Here

Survey Identifying Return on Investment for Wellness Program

The Alliance for Wellness ROI, Inc. (“Alliance”) is a non-profit formed to promote corporate wellness programs by demonstrating, through an objective Return on Investment (“ROI”) measurement, that wellness programs are an investment rather than an expense to a company. (See more on Alliance activities at According to Alliance’s 4th Annual Survey “Before an objective ROI can be measured, there needs to be standardization among wellness program offerings or components. The Annual Survey of Corporate wellness programs is one step in the ongoing completion of this standardization. The value of this survey to employers is the ability to compare wellness program data and benchmarks to other large national employers. Such comparisons can include ROI for individual program components as well as all components combined, average participation levels and how those levels are achieved at each company, ideas for incentives to increase participation to targeted populations, and, because not all wellness program components are created equal, identifying slight variations within components that enhance the ability to reach out and change participant health behaviors. The survey also serves the process of accumulating information that is being used to standardize terminology of wellness programs for benchmark programs comparisons.” To see the results of the 2008 survey Click Here.

Quality Wellbeing through a Balanced Lifestyle - A Focus on Making It Happen

By Joseph D. Dear, Ed.D.
This article highlights how wellbeing is attained and maintained through a balanced lifestyle. Various strategies are explored that can be used personally or with clients, Click Here.

Partnership for Workplace Mental Health

Partnership for Workplace Mental Health is a program of the American Psychiatric Association, the partnership advances effective employer approaches to mental health by combining the knowledge and experience of the American Psychiatric Association and employer partners.
Found Here.

Positive Statements and Relaxation

Relaxation and scripts for self-help, personal change and fulfillment, found Here. 

Showcase Your "Home Run" Accomplishments 

Don't be afraid to take credit for what you've done, this article by William S. Ford provides a step by step process to use more effective words and thoughts to produce written records of your work results, achievements, successes, and accomplishments. The author finds five reasons to document your work performance:
  • To gain self-awareness.
  • To lift your spirits and get you feeling very confident about yourself—ready to tackle the marketplace.
  • To show that you have completed many projects that are difficult and worthwhile.
  • To give specific, measurable, concrete examples of your contributions.
  • To differentiate yourself from competitors and show how you're clearly head-and-shoulders above them.
Article is found Here

Always Make Self-care a Priority

Article by Nicholas A. Roes, PhD found Here

Work and Health

An issue brief produced for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Commission to Build a Healthier America. It examines how work can affect health, exploring the health effects of both physical and psychosocial aspects of work as well as of work-related opportunities and resources. Examples of promising approaches to making work healthier also are provided. Download found Here.

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