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Orientation/Onboarding Intervention Strategies

Recruitment and Retention Toolkit   Orientation/Onboarding Intervention Strategies   Benefits of Onboarding and Orientation 2.4.1

Benefits of Onboarding and Orientation 2.4.1

A well-planned orientation is beneficial for both the new employee and the organization. A thorough program:
  • Shortens the new employee’s learning curve, increasing productivity and reducing errors;
  • Facilitates compliance with company policies and procedures;
  • Improves job satisfaction and retention; and
  • Promotes communication between managers and staff.
A study on onboarding, Getting On Board: A Model for Integrating and Engaging New Employees, was conducted in 2008 by the Partnership for Public Service, a nonprofit organization that works to revitalize the Federal Government, and Booz Allen Hamilton. This study shows the benefits of a carefully planned onboarding program. According to the study, 90 percent of employees decide whether they will stay at an organization within the first 6 months on the job. For this reason, a successful onboarding program can be crucial. The study found that onboarding employees during their first year of employment increased retention rates by 25 percent. Additional benefits include increased engagement, improved performance, and accelerated time to full productivity.

Because employees continue to transition into their new position throughout the first year, the study emphasizes the need to engage new employees beyond the standard first day orientation. Employers should continuously provide support and feedback to new employees after the traditional orientation period in order to achieve desired results. The study concludes that, especially with salary budgets under pressure, an effective onboarding program may be a cost-effective way to boost engagement and retention rates.[1]

A summary of the study, Onboarding for Greater Engagement, is available through Workforce Management Online.

[1] Hansen, F. (2008). Onboarding for greater engagement. Workforce Management Online. Retrieved from

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