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Orientation/Onboarding Intervention Strategies

Orientation/Onboarding Resources 2.4.5

The following are links to webinars, articles, studies and manuals to help your organization offer a successful orientation/onboarding program.
Tools and Techniques for Successful Onboarding. A description of tools and techniques for successful onboarding can be found at:

Onboarding Study. A 2008 study on onboarding by the Partnership for Public Service (a nonprofit organization that works to revitalize the Federal Government) and Booz Allen Hamilton can be found at:

Manager’s Guide to Orientation/Onboarding.
A comprehensive onboarding manual used by the government of Saskatchewan, CA, including sample checklists and forms for use during the first year, can be found at:

Checklist to Transform Your Onboarding/Orientation Program
. A two-part checklist with 38 essential program components for a “world-class” onboarding/orientation program can be found at:

Orientation vs Onboarding: What's the Difference?
A analysis of the terms orientation and onboarding can be found at:

Questions for Employers to Assess Onboarding Processes.
The article, “Does Your Onboarding Process Lead to Employee Engagement or Buyer’s Remorse?”, can be found at:,-david-articles-a2004.html.

Upgrading Your New Hire Orientation Program.
The article, “13 Questions to Help Optimize Your Onboarding Efforts”, can be found at:

Effective Onboarding: Reducing New Hire Time to Competency
. This case study in onboarding can be found at:

Employee Orientation: Keeping New Employees on Board
. An online article with helpful tips for successfully orienting new employees can be found at:

Top Ten Ways to Turn Off a New Employee.
An online article that describes frequent mistakes made with new hires can be found at:

Do You Start Your New Employees Out Right?
A blog at The Bamboo Project Web site can be found at:

Onboarding: Employee Orientation Programs Beyond “Sink or Swim.”
An article on why current orientation programs in the U.S. are failing and what to do about it can be found at:

Consequences of Poor Onboarding.
A list of possible consequences of poor onboarding can be found at:

Orientation Templates
. Resources to use as templates and ideas on developing an orientation program tailored to your organization:

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