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Recognition Intervention Strategies

Recruitment and Retention Toolkit   Recognition Intervention Strategies [2.5]   Effective Employee Recognition Programs [2.5.3]

Effective Employee Recognition Programs [2.5.3]

The development of an effective employee recognition program depends on several factors. A simple assessment that can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of an organization’s established incentive program or informal recognition behaviors can be found at Appendix: Climate Assessment for Your Current Recognition Program, part of the article The Fundamental of the Employee Recognition by Teresa A. Daniel, J.D. and Gary S. Metcalf, Ph.D.
While not an all-inclusive assessment, this checklist can help assess how well an organization recognizes and rewards employees.[1]

To gain insight on recognition at the managerial level read How Rewarding are You? The Importance of Rewarding your Team.

Additional information is available on effective employee recognition programs through these WDRC resources:

[1] Daniel, T., & Metcalf, G. (2005). The fundamentals of employee recognition.

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