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Recognition Intervention Strategies

Employee Suggestion Programs as Part of Employee Recognition [2.5.3.a.1]

An employee suggestion program is another layer that can be used to increase employee morale, loyalty, and sense of contribution to the organization. In an employee suggestion program, workers can voice innovative ideas to improve the organization and be rewarded for their contributions. By rewarding the specific behavior of voicing new ideas, the program works on the basic principles of positive reinforcement.

As with other recognition programs, the employee suggestion program requires organizational commitment and communication. A review team should be established that ensures that all submissions are considered and decisions are made. Feedback should be provided to employees who make suggestions and acknowledgement should be made when a suggestion is accepted. For more information on effective employee suggestion programs read Harness the Power of an Employee Suggestion Program: Beyond the Suggestion Box.

The Employee Suggestion Program Checklist [2.10.1c11] provides tips on developing and maintaining a successful and reward-rich suggestion program for both the employee and organization.

Also, the Employee Suggestion Form [2.10.1c12] offers a sample form for an employee suggestion program.

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