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Building a Recruitment and Retention Plan

Recruitment and Retention Toolkit   Building a Recruitment and Retention Plan   Step 1: Gather Organizational Baseline Information [2.1.0.e]

Step 1: Gather Organizational Baseline Information [2.1.0.e]

If you complete this step you will have:

  • Documented retention, turnover, and vacancy rates for your organization; and
  • Collected data on effective and ineffective recruitment and retention practices from current employees, exiting employees, and key stakeholders.
An effective assessment of workplace recruitment and retention practices is based on facts evidenced by data and information, and is not a guess or perception. The first step in building a recruitment and retention plan is to gather baseline information from and about your organization.

Choice of Approach for Completion:

  1. Step-by-step instructional
If you would like to follow the step-by-step instructional process go to Gather Organizational Baseline Information Quick Tool [2.1.1]. The Quick Tool includes a series of tasks and a group of resources to help you in this step. These resources identify current retention status, review historical approaches to retention, and gather data for organizational use. A worksheet to document the results is included. 

  1. Access to resources, no instruction
Access to the same resources is listed below without the instructional materials.

There are three types of resources to help you in gathering organizational baseline information:

Resources to identify current retention status include:
A resource to review historical approaches to retention includes:
Resources to gather data include:
To document results, use the Organizational Recruitment and Retention Research Workbook. [2.1.2.d.1]

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