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Building a Recruitment and Retention Plan

Recruitment and Retention Toolkit   Building a Recruitment and Retention Plan   Step 6: Develop the Action Plan [2.1.0.j]

Step 6: Develop the Action Plan [2.1.0.j]

If you are following this process in its entirety, you have completed:

In Step 1, you identified retention, turnover, and vacancy rates for your organization and data on effective and ineffective recruitment and retention practices.
In Step 2, you summarized your recruitment and retention data and used that information to identify the most critical job position.
In Step 3, you clarified the critical position and identified supports necessary for all staff in that position to be effective.
In Step 4, you identified the responsibilities and scope of the selected position.
In Step 5, you identified a strategy and possible intervention.

If you complete Step 6 you will have:

  • Defined outcomes for your intervention;
  • Developed an intervention action plan with timetables;
  • Enlisted support;
  • Determined how you will assess your plan;
  • Planned for communication; and
  • Finalized your plan for implementation.
This is the final step in building a successful recruitment or retention plan.

Choice of Approach for Completion:

  1. Step-by-step instructional
If you would like to follow the step-by-step instructional process go to Developing the Action Plan Quick Tool [2.1.6]. This Quick Tool will help you develop your action plan, select team members, develop the evaluation plan, and get ready to implement your plan.
  1. Access to resources, no instruction
Access to the same resources is listed below without the instructional materials.

There are four types of resources to help you in this step.

General resources include:
Resources for developing an action plan include:
Resources on the evaluation and readjustment process include:
Resources on communication and management of the project include:
Additional chapters and Support for Implementing your Action Plan [2.1.7.f.] are available through the Web portal’s Recruitment and Retention resources.

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