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Building a Recruitment and Retention Plan

Who Should Be Involved in Job Analysis

These individuals are not always staff, but may include past employees or volunteers, and each may play a role in several areas of the analysis. Listing them here separately can help identify individuals who can fill each role or a combination of roles.
  • Top performers who have a good understanding of the position and who know how to do the job effectively, what tasks need to be completed and at what frequency, and what is critical to perform the job successfully
  • The supervisor to whom the employee will report
  • An individual who is knowledgeable about performance expectations and what outcomes are expected
  • An individual who can describe the personal attributes and traits needed by the employee
  • An informer (oftentimes a trainer or supervisor) to describe the practical skills, knowledge, and competencies required by an employee
  • An individual who is knowledgeable about the working relationships inherent within the job
  • A subject matter expert who has reviewed internal and external sources (Dictionary of Occupational Titles and/or U.S. Standard Occupational Classification System and the Americans with Disabilities Act) relevant to the job position
  • Decision makers (administration, management, and HR) who can determine other key issues about the job related to the number of hours, work schedule, whether a position is permanent or temporary, and who can provide organizational history or research skills
  • Current employees who will be affected by hiring the new employee, for example, if the new employee will relieve them of some of their work load
  • A recorder or facilitator who is unbiased and has no current or past connection to the job position
Once a job analysis is complete, the following individuals should be involved in reviewing and verifying the data that is collected:
  • Other individuals who have performed the job or similar jobs;
  • Current employees who were previously employed in that position and who can describe the job with a clear view from their experiences.
  • Supervisors who manage the employees who were previously in that position.
Feedback from these individuals should be incorporated into the job analysis data to finalize the job analysis.

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