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Support: Dealing with Stress in the Workplace

Behavioral Health Management and Supervision [2.10.2.d]

Survey: Would Your Employees Fire You?2.10.2d 1
In a Gallup Management Journal survey of U.S. employees taken in 2007, 24 percent of US employees would fire their boss if they could; 49 percent of engaged employees strongly agreed that a strong positive relationship with their supervisor was crucial to success at work, and only 12 percent of actively disengaged employees strongly agree with the same statement.[1]
Gallup Management Journal survey October 2007 of those employees who…
Percent who would notfire their boss
Percent who wouldfire their boss
Believe that their supervisor does not care about them as a person
Believe they will be with their company one year from now
Would recommend their current company as a great place to work
Would recommend products and services

The Australian National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA) documents that stress and burnout have a strong tie to behavioral health workforce issues.[2]

NCETA identified three core dimensions of burnout in the behavioral health field:
  1. Emotional exhaustion (feeling overextended and drained of emotional and physical resources);
  2. Depersonalization (a negative, detached, or cynical view of one’s work); and
  3. Reduced personal accomplishment (a low sense of achievement, feelings of incompetence, low self-efficacy).
Stress is specifically linked to turnover intention, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and performance effectiveness. Strategies to address stress and burnout are not only the key to effective functioning, but are key to retaining staff.
In light of this information, how can management enhance and supervisors change the frustration and stress levels of their staff?

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