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Building a Recruitment and Retention Plan

Importance of Job Descriptions to Organizational Success

Effectively developed job descriptions are communication tools that can contribute to an organization's success. Poorly written employee job descriptions, on the other hand, add to workplace confusion, hinder communication, and make people feel as if they don't know what is expected from them. Lahle Wolfe provides reasons for why you need effective job descriptions in the article, Human Resources: The Importance of Having Written Job Descriptions.

Job descriptions should be used as the basis for employee performance appraisals. The responsibilities and required outcomes listed in a job description provide the criteria for evaluating employees’ performance and setting goals for the future.

The following questions can help supervisors determine whether the organization’s job descriptions are effectively written and used:
  • Are job descriptions updated regularly or when job criteria changes? Are employees a part of this process?
  • Who uses or refers to them regularly?
  • Do they include evaluation information by identifying performance criteria?
  • Are job descriptions used to plan training activities?
  • Do they include criteria that can be measured or observed?
Information on performance development planning that includes the use of job descriptions can be found in the article, Performance Development Planning: What is a PDP Process?

Performance Management: Performance Development Plan Format
is a related performance management form.

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