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Building a Recruitment and Retention Plan

Tools to Help Write a Job Description

How to Write a Job Description Based on Competencies from the related resource on this Web site, A Provider’s Guide on How to Use Core Competencies in Behavioral Health Section 6.2, suggests ways to find qualified job candidates by implementing a structured selection process.

Job Description Writer from O*NET
. Use the Job Description Writer tool to build a meaningful job description by using pre-selected occupational titles or searching by key words. This tool adds details such as tasks, work activities, work context, skills and knowledge, and tools and technology.

The Occupational Information Network is a unique, powerful database that contains occupational information and labor market research. O*Net is a publicly available search system that uses common language to describe job functions. The goal of O*NET is to link information about skills, abilities, knowledge, work activities, and interests to associated occupations. These pieces of information, which are provided for over 950 occupations, can be used to facilitate career exploration and vocational counseling, and for a variety of human resources functions. Business managers, human resources professionals, and trade associations are able to use O*NET to develop precise job descriptions quickly.

How to Develop a Job Description
provides a summary of and additional information on the development of the job description.

Sample Job Descriptions and Forms
The following are samples of job descriptions from various sources:
Job Description Tips
HR Daily Advisor presents one human resource tip, piece of news, or compliance advisory a day, presented via their Web site or a daily newsletter. The link provides information on job descriptions for the employer.

Substance Abuse Treatment Job Description Materials
Information on writing a job description based on competencies in the field of substance abuse treatment can be found on this Web portal in the A Provider’s Guide on How to Use Core Competencies in Behavioral Health. This toolkit describes how to use competencies to develop a career ladder/lattice, how to write a job description based on competencies,  how to use a competency models in supervision, and provides an example of a career ladder in substance use disorder treatment.

Non-Prejudicial Language for ADA Job Descriptions
Writing job descriptions that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is tricky. In your efforts to be clear, you can also be exclusionary. In this article, Steve Bruce offers tips for handling this delicate duty.

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