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Building a Recruitment and Retention Plan

Project Status Report Template

Reporting Period: Start date through end date

Reporter: Staff completing report

Project Manager:   Project Manager's Name

Reporter completes the following sections and discusses with and submits to the Project Manager when a task is not completed during the timeline or reporting period.
Designated accomplishments for the period as outlined in plan:
  • List designated accomplishments.
Designated tasks for reporting period not completed:
  • List activities/tasks not completed in this reporting period.
  • List challenges to completing reporting period task(s).
  • List related issues that were resolved.
Resources required:
  • List resources or assistance needed to overcome challenges.
Corrective actions required:
  • List suggested corrective action that can take place once resources have been secured.
Activities impacted next period:
  • List proposed activities for next period.
Changes to schedule:
  • Identify changes to timeline or deliverables.
  • Suggest corrective action(s).
The last four sections must receive approval from project manager.

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