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Recruitment Intervention Strategies

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Recruitment Chapter Introduction [2.2.0.]

NOTE: The Recruitment chapter of the Building Blocks for Behavioral Health Recruitment and Retention Web portal includes support to build and maintain an effective employee recruitment process in a behavioral health organization. Users are linked to either external Web pages or to original information housed within this portal. Both types of information can be accessed through subsection titles, the table of contents, back links, and through a search of key words. (Since this material is inter-related, links may connect the reader to other ‘chapters” on this Web portal.) Included are sample text, guidelines, tips, and helpful resources to download and modify to brand as your own. Some information is specific to behavioral health, while other materials are generic and apply to employee recruitment in any organization. Readers are encouraged to provide feedback and suggest additional materials, articles, forms, case studies, or other information that will augment these resources through the “Submit your Feedback” hyperlink at the bottom of each Web page.

In general, the need to initiate a recruitment intervention for your organization is indicated by:
  • The inability to attract the appropriate applicants; or
  • Not enough applicants to meet organizational needs.

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