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Recruitment Intervention Strategies

Social Media [2.2.2.g]

Social networking sites such as Facebook, and online professional sites such as LinkedIn, are transforming the world of candidate recruiting. They are creating methods for employers and job seekers to connect in ways that were previously not possible. The individuals who frequent these social media networks can stay up to date on job listings without ever leaving their favorite sites. The Behavioral Health Technical Assistance Learning Community (BHTalk), promotes collaboration and knowledge development among those individuals committed to making recovery and resiliency the expected outcomes of mental health services. This group of online learning communities is supported by SAMHSA to promote collaboration and knowledge development in behavioral healthcare. BHTalk has a diverse membership from professionals, paraprofessionals and peer providers within the behavioral health field.
  • Social networks may make the job search less frightening for some applicants. They will feel better establishing a relationship online.
  • Many applicants (especially younger ones) are sensitive to collaboration and individual feedback; recruiting via social networking allows you to treat them as individuals.
  • Social media can help you show your organization's contributions to charity, involvement in the community, philosophies, etc. Educating recruits on your organization's values may be a deciding factor in landing the best applicants.
Social networking sites will continue to evolve and appeal to more and more targeted audiences. It is important to pay attention to and take advantage of the trends in social networking that will help you identify and attract candidates.
“Social Recruiting 101” is a webinar and slideshow on using social networking for recruitment. "It is Time to Get Serious about Social" provides a glimpse into the reach of social media.

Other social marketing resources include:

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