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Recruitment Intervention Strategies

Job Posting [2.2.2.d]

Online job posting has become the norm for both public and private sector employers. Internet recruitment sites are where the skilled individuals of the present and future tend to look for jobs. However, begin with posting jobs on your agency Web site, as it is one of the most important recruiting tools you can use to appeal to prospective employees. It should "sell" potential employees on the vision, mission, values, and culture of your agency and explain what sets it apart from other organizations. The HR Daily Advisor provides specific tips on making your site applicant friendly.

Why use the Internet for recruitment? Unlike a newspaper ad, an online ad allows you unlimited space and text to describe your organization and the position you want to fill at a low cost, or in some cases, at no cost. You can be very specific about the type of person you are looking for. And the convenience of a 24/7 resource attracts many candidates.
States may have a no fee source for posting and finding jobs within the state, some states also include resources for job seekers and job posters, many of the larger states list jobs by region.

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