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Recruitment Intervention Strategies

Recruitment and Retention Toolkit   Recruitment Intervention Strategies   Employee Recruitment Overview [2.2.2.a]

Employee Recruitment Overview [2.2.2.a]

Effective employee recruitment involves targeted outreach to the candidate pool equipped with the best combination of knowledge, skills, and experience for a specific job. These applicants may be found within or outside the organization. Internal recruitment can be conducted through the promotion or transfer of existing personnel. However, the most qualified applicants cannot always be found internally. If that is the case, the organization must recruit externally, using any one or a combination the following methods that are covered on this Web portal:
  • Online and traditional job posting methods;
  • Social networking techniques;
  • Job fairs;
  • Employee referrals;
  • Advertising in newspapers, magazines, and professional publications;
  • Recruitment agencies (generally used for executive searches); and
  • Other strategies to expand the candidate pool such as the Realistic Job Preview (RJP), a recruitment and selection process that provides the employment candidate with a clear idea of what the job really entails in order to reduce turnover. The use of RJPs, detailed as a Quick Tool in this chapter, is an effective recruitment strategy as it encourages only suitable candidates to advance through the recruitment process.
To prepare for the selection process a checklist can help organize recruitment efforts, this includes understanding the job criteria by analyzing the selected job position and writing an accurate job description. If more detailed assistance is needed to develop additional strategies to attract, hire and retain appropriate staff, the Build a Recruitment and Retention Plan is a comprehensive resource.


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