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Building a Recruitment and Retention Plan

Assignment 4: Identify Resources and Constraints

Some of the following materials are adapted from the Decision Process Guide, published by the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation.
This assignment will determine potential resources and constraints for your prioritized draft objectives. Resources are what will be needed to resolve the problem. Constraints are limitations and restrictions.

How to do it:

Using the necessities list identified for each draft objective in the Objectives Worksheet [2.1.3.a.5.a], determine what resources are available to you. Resources may include, but are not limited to:
  • Personnel;
  • Stakeholders who have needed expertise;
  • Data;
  • Funding and budget;
  • Staff expertise;
  • Involvement of decision makers; and
  • Authority or approval.
Make a list of constraints that need to be investigated for each draft objective. Constraints may include, but are not limited to:
  • Current policies;
  • Competition for resources;
  • Lack of expertise;
  • Time deadlines;
  • Existing bias or indifference;
  • Institutional entrenchment; and
  • Someone who could veto or provide conflict.
Determine if:
  • You have identified all constraints that will affect resources.
  • You have enough resources to meet the objectives. If not, will you need to phase-in solutions or modify objectives?
  • You can solve the problem with the current resources and constraints.

Resources to use:

Influence Diagrams provide a method to brainstorm relationships and to observe overall patterns.

Constraint Tables
 show what can and can't be done and helps you avoid pitfalls or fatal flaws.

Remember that you can use the data that you have already collected in previous “Building a Recruitment and Retention Plan” chapter steps.
If you need organizational information on specific topics, rather than a general overview, use the data you have already collected from:
Other resources are available at Tools to Help with Making Decisions [2.1.3.b.1.].

See Identify potential options [2.1.3.a.7] for the next assignment.

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