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Building a Recruitment and Retention Plan

Assignment 6: Establish and Apply Screening Criteria

Some of the following materials are adapted from the Decision Process Guide, published by the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation.

Now that you have a list of updated options (documented as the “New Options” on your Options Worksheet [2.1.3.a.7.a]), you will need to screen out un-workable options in order to identify the viable choices. This assignment is about quality not quantity.

Viable options are those that can:

How to do it:

Ask the following questions for each new or updated option, found under “New Options” on your Options Worksheet [2.1.3.a.7.a]:
  • Will this option meet the need and fulfill the objective?
  • Are there enough resources to implement and support this option?
  • Does this option have a roadblock? Can this roadblock be removed?
  • Are there any internal or external constraints that make this option unworkable?
  • Are there criteria that need to be considered? What are they? Does this option allow for this?
  • Are there flaws that can not be removed or modified?
  • Under what conditions would this option be acceptable? Can we make those conditions available?
  • Is this option in conflict with an organizational policy or procedure? Can we work around it? If yes, how can we work around it and what must change?
  • How will this option affect other organizational issues? Can we adjust or adapt to address these issues?
  • Can this option be accomplished?
Based on your answers to the previous questions, place each “option” into one of the following determination categories, and document in your Options Worksheet [2.1.3.a.7.a].

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