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Job Search Engines and Commercial Job Boards [2.2.2.d.1]

Job search engines can help applicants find your agency’s online job postings. Simply Hired is currently the world's largest job search engine. It lists jobs at no cost and offers a pay-per-click option that allows agency’s postings to stand out. They have relationships with many of the major social networking sites. offers opportunities for employers to pay to have their job listings stand out. indexes a company's Web site daily to offer applicants an opportunity to apply for your newest, often unadvertised jobs, directly through your company Web site. It’s important to pay attention to the development of new job search engines, as the online world and its resources changes all the time.
The large online employment boards, such as and, are far-reaching in their scope. The downside is that their large audiences will likely attract many resumes from unqualified candidates. However, since they attract the attention of many online job searchers, you can occasionally find the very person you’re looking for. To obtain the best price when using these boards, look for deals on their Web sites or contact a sales agent. The key to working well with the commercial Web sites is to:
  • Expect pricing deals for frequent use or multiple online job listings;
  • Re-use your posting locations for different positions when you have the applicants you need for a specific opening;
  • Use keyword and location filters supplied by the sites; and
  • Recognize that many commercial sites that specialize in particular fields or positions are available. A quick search by the position desired and the words, “job search site,” will provide many options.
The following is listings of some of the major players; overview articles that provide insight from the job seeker point of view are included:
  • Monster – Monster offers searches by location, keywords, and employer with extras that can help the job search including online resume postings, networking boards, and job search alerts. How to search Monster Jobs.
  • Career Builder - The job searcher can post a resume, create job alerts, find a job, get advice and use resources such as identifying job fairs and search by pre-existing job community and job categories. Five Search Tips for Making the Most of CareerBuilder.
  • SimplyHired- Hosts a job search engine that each user “trains” by rating jobs of interest and an easy search by keyword and location; it provides an avenue to research salaries and offers a job map and detailed profiles of companies; it is reported to have one of the lowest cost-per-hire rates in the industry. Job Search Engine
  • - This site helps seekers find volunteer opportunities, nonprofit jobs, internships, and provides information on organizations working to change the world; it is dedicated to “connecting people, organizations and resources to help build a world where all people can live free and dignified lives.” It offers a community message board and searchable job openings with resources for nonprofit and community organizations, donors and individuals.
  • – Offers an online job board and resume database where seekers and employees can connect. Extras include resources for resume writing and distribution, a free career test and salary calculator.
  • Linkup – This engine searches for jobs within company Web sites offering a basic and advanced search; it contains alphabetically arranged employer lists and RSS feeds for automated job searches. How to search for jobs with Linkup.
  • Indeed– This site does not allow you to submit your resume but rather hosts a Meta search engine of the major job search engines and job search boards with easy to use job search features. What is
  • – This site is a search engine and portal that includes access to searchable information on jobs within the United States government, state and local government. is large but offers organizational directories of U.S. government agencies for a more focused search. The U.S. Government's Official Search Engine.
  • is a website sponsored by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. It provides the opportunity for Veterans to post their resumes, and for employers to post job openings, and links directly to Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) national employment resources for employers.
The environment and technology of the online job search changes regularly with new features and updates added to commercial online job search vehicles. The following articles can assist in clarifying general advantages of commercial job search engine:

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