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Supervision Intervention Strategies

Team Building [2.8.10]

The following information on team building does not refer to the clinical teams found in behavioral health care settings although aspects of the information can be used to increase understanding of team interaction. It is intended to be used with team or groups of co-workers on any given project. Specific information on the clinical team is found in the Clinical Supervision [2.8.13] section of this online resource.
Teamwork has a dramatic affect on organizational performance. An effective team can help an organization achieve incredible results, whereas a team that is not working well can cause unnecessary disruption and strategic failure. Effective teamwork is integral to the success of the behavioral health workforce. The article How to Build and Manage Great Teams by Jeff Palfini provides a solid overview of team-building in the generic sense, i.e., any group asked to work together to achieve a task or solve a problem (for example, a group to evaluate new technologies or to study evidence-based practices).

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