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Supervision Intervention Strategies

Effective Communication [2.8.7]

Effective communication is central to being a successful supervisor, as well as being a good staffer and team member in a work group. Although in the field of behavioral health, career ladders may be more dependent on clinical expertise, credentialing, or competencies, effective communication skills are critical to work with clients, consumers, staff, and the community.

An article on Communication Skills provides an introduction to effective communication and summarizes its importance in the workplace.

This description of several Effective Communications Skills an help you avoid miscommunication with employees.

Having a difficult conversation with someone you supervise can be handled effectively and can help to build rather then derail your relationship while still providing the professional feedback required. How to Hold a Difficult Conversation by Susan M. Heathfield offers insights to be successful at challenging discussions.

A handout for supervisors [link underlined text to webpage found at from Veterans in the Workplace lists ways to improve communication that are beneficial for all employees.

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