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Supervision Intervention Strategies

Recruitment and Retention Toolkit   Supervision Intervention Strategies   Turning Supervisors into Coaches [2.8.5]

Turning Supervisors into Mentors/Coaches [2.8.5]

In an article, Workplace Coach: Leading a Team Effectively Takes Special Skills, Maureen Moriarty discusses the tremendous potential that workplace coaching holds for developing more productive, motivated, and satisfied employees.
Mentoring Processes and Functions in Supervision by Linda Campbell illuminates some of the fundamental values and elements of combining mentoring and supervision and offers suggestions for movement toward an integrated perception of the two functions in training and professional development. Some of the suggestions for those who supervise and mentor include:
  • Discuss expectations of the relationship from the perspective of the supervisor and supervisee;
  • Be alert to boundary issues that can be blurred by mixed roles;
  • Male supervisor and mentors should be aware of the socialized power dynamics that can play out differently with male and female supervisees; and
  • Women supervisors and mentors should be aware of cross-gender dynamics in mentoring men.

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