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Supervision Intervention Strategies

Project Management [2.8.3]

This web portal contains resources that can assist the supervisor in project management including developing and implementing an action plan.
There are two ways you can access these resources:
  1. If you require step-by-step instructions on developing and implementing an action plan, the Developing the Action PlanQuick Tool [2.1.6], has eight tasks assignments to develop and manage your action or project plan. These tasks include selecting lead and team members, setting up an action plan, determining how the plan will be evaluated, communicating within the plan, implementing and managing project tasks, readjusting the plan, and reporting on the outcomes.
  1. For those who would prefer to have access to the resources only with no instructional format, Step 6: Develop the Action Plan [2.1.0.j] provides links to four types of project management resources:
    • Action plan development
    • Evaluation and readjustment process
    • Communication and management
    • General resources
Each method will allow access to the same project management resources.

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