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Training Intervention Strategies

Using Evaluation Data to Refine Training

Following evaluation, the development team should review all available data, including impressions of any observers and discuss ways to address apparent shortfalls. The following recommendations can help you make the most of the evaluation data you collect:
  • When training is delivered on an ongoing basis, be sure to schedule periodic reviews to gain input from trainees.
  • Include both quantitative and qualitative elements in training evaluations so that it is possible to get both “at a glance” feedback and insights on why trainees felt as they did. Be as specific as possible with questions.
  • Include some members of the original development team in periodic review committees to provide continuity and ensure key issues are tracked.
  • Do not ask trainees for information that will sit in a file. If you ask their opinion, use it.
  • When ratings or comments suggest an area is not going well, use more specific probing questions in the next training to understand the problem better. Then, discuss changes to address the problem.

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