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Training Intervention Strategies

Recruitment and Retention Toolkit   Training Intervention Strategies [2.7]   Options for Addressing Training Needs 2.7.3

Options for Addressing Training Needs

Now that you have completed analysis of training needs, it is time to consider options to address training needs. This section provides information and resources on the wide variety of training delivery methods and strategies available. For example, you may find that after completing training needs analysis, an individualized self-paced learning training method is the most effective approach, and there are many options beyond traditional classroom style training, including distance learning and a diversity of emerging technologies that can enhance and expand these types of training delivery options. Alternatively, group training may prove more cost-effective when a large number of people require the same training. This section also discusses traditional methods, alternatives to traditional training, and resources to training that can enhance and help learners retain new information. Topics covered include the following: 
Methods of Training Delivery                      

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