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Training Intervention Strategies

Recruitment and Retention Toolkit   Training Intervention Strategies [2.7]   Designing and Developing Customized Training 2.7.7

Designing and Developing Customized Training

If packaged or adapted trainings are not able to meet key training goals, organizations may choose to develop their own program. When training is for one-time use or the audience is small, the training development approach may be very simple and involve only a few people. However; when the organization is planning to develop an important, widely-used program that requires only minor adaptations, a more intensive development effort is warranted. Information provided in this section can be used by managers to assemble a team capable of following a professional, thoughtful approach to training development. For relatively minor or straightforward development efforts, some of the ideas in this section can still serve as inspiration and, if needed, “scaled down” to an appropriate level for the project. Key elements covered in this section include:

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