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Training Intervention Strategies

Selecting Your Approach

There are many training methods available and selecting the right approach requires careful consideration. A number of factors need to be considered and weighed before making a decision on a training program that is appropriate for your organization and staffs’ development needs. For instance, consider how much different training methods costs, how important or urgent training requirements are, what type of skills employees need to learn, or how complex the subject matter that needs to be covered.  You also need to make decisions about sources of training such as using pre-developed training, adapting existing training, or developing new training. Topics covered in Selecting Your Approach include:
As you review this section, it may be helpful to refer back to Building a Recruitment and Retention Plan’s section on Develop The Action Plan, which discusses how to select an implementer (e.g., team leader), supply a support team, set up the action plan, and determine how the plan will be evaluated in determining what type of training approach is most appropriate for your organization. Specifically, review the following steps in this section that include:
See also the online chapter from Management Science for Health, the chapter on Designing and Implementing Training Programs for healthcare professionals with a section on training processes that includes guidance on assessment of training needs, developing a training approach, and delivery of training, among other areas that are essential in developing a training program.

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