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Job Training Basic Steps [2.10.1c20]

The following are basic steps for any task training. Although more detailed training steps can be utilized to meet the demands of a specific task, training should, at a minimum, contain these steps.

Purpose of the Step
Trainer Tasks/What To Do
Step 1.
Prepare the learner for a task
·To relieve tension
·To establish training base
·To stimulate interest
·To give the trainee confidence in performing the task
·Put the trainee at ease
·Find out what the trainee already knows about the task
·Relate task to overall objective
·Link task to the trainee’s experience
·Make sure the trainee is comfortable and clearly sees and understands how you perform the task
Step 2.
Present the task
·To make sure the trainee understands what to do and why
·To ensure retention of task steps
·To avoid giving the trainee more than he or she can absorb
·Tell, show, and question carefully and patiently
·Emphasize key points
·Instruct clearly and completely one step at a time
·Keep your words to a minimum
·Stress action words
Step 3.
Try out trainee's perfor-mance
·To be sure the trainee has learned the correct method
·To prevent poor habit development
·To be sure the trainee knows how the task is to be performed and why
·To test the trainee's knowledge
·To avoid putting the trainee on the job prematurely
·Observe the trainee perform the task without your instruction. If the trainee commits a substantial error, repeat Step 2
·Upon correct completion of the task, have the trainee repeat the task. This time, the trainee should explain the task as he or she performs it
·Ask questions to ensure that the key points are understood
Step 4.
·To show your confidence in the trainee
·To give the trainee self-confidence
·To be sure the trainee has been trained properly.
·To foster a feeling of self-sufficiency in trainee
·Make favorable comments about trainee's current work and progress to date
·Let the trainee work independently
·Frequently monitor trainee's work
·Gradually reduce trainee monitoring

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