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Support: Dealing with Stress in the Workplace

Working, Together! Leadership Development Program 2.10.1c.18

In 2001, CODAC Behavioral Health Services of Pima County, Inc. in Tucson, Arizona, with the support of CEO Support Systems, Inc., initiated the Working, Together! Leadership Development Program, a set of common leadership processes and tools provided to all new managers. Working, Together! has received several awards, including an Innovative Practice in Workforce Development award from The Annapolis Coalition.
The project includes a planning methodology built around seven concepts called P4MIR™:
  1. Define the Principles that will lead to success;
  2. Plan out a road map for goal attainment;
  3. Support the right People in the right jobs;
  4. Establish Processes to ensure quality and consistency;
  5. Evaluate performance through Metrics;
  6. Create Improvers to drive accountability and performance; and
  7. Offer Rewards that motivate action.
This PowerPoint presentation [link to 2.10.1.c.18a] deals with the program’s performance coaching method, which is built on a regularly scheduled support meeting between supervisors and staff.

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