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Support: Dealing with Stress in the Workplace

Performance Agreements [2.10.1.c22]

As discussed on, conducting a performance interview and providing feedback to staff is only the first step in performance management. Supervisors also can use a performance agreement, which is a tool based on organizational objectives that encourages two-way communication to improve trust and understanding. The performance agreement:
  • Outlines and provides a timeline for agreed-upon personal and organizational goals;
  • Defines expectations through realistic objectives and milestones for each objective;
  • Describes how objectives and milestones will be measured;
  • Documents status and achievement;
  • Encourages regularly scheduled meetings to follow up or modify the agreement; and
  • Requires a formal sign-off by the staff and supervisor.
Additional information on performance agreements, including steps, tips and benefit can be found in Performance Agreements: Increasing Personal Accountability.

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