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Support: Dealing with Stress in the Workplace

Mentoring: An Age-Old Strategy For a Rapidly Expanding Field: A What, Why, and How [2.10.1c19]

The following are general mentoring resources. For resources specific to the behavioral health field go to Mentoring and Clinical Supervision Resources [2.10.2f 16]. 

Building a Mentoring Culture

In this article, Build a Mentoring Culture, Judith Lindenberger discusses ways to share knowledge of the organizational culture by supporting mentoring throughout the organization. This article and other related mentoring and coaching resources are found at:
People Development
Why Mentoring Works
The Eight Hallmarks of a Mentoring Culture
This article by John Reh covers the difference between employee training and employee coaching, when not to coach employees and when it is necessary to step in with coaching and can be found Here

Use Employee Coaching to Improve Performance

Steps for effective and supportive coaching are provided to bring performance issues to an employee's attention and assist in correcting them and can be found Here

Coaching in the Context of your Organization: The Three C's of Coaching for Managers 

Contextual coaching, “which tries to bring the organization into the coaching situation and make sure the focus is not entirely on the individual”, is discussed with some insight from Paul Gorrell, author of The Coaching Connection and can be found Here

High-Impact Mentoring

This article discusses mentoring within the social learning system including expanding the use of one-to-one mentoring as a productivity tool; increasing learning networks with group mentoring and solving pressing issues with situational mentoring and can be found Here

Ten Keys for Successfully Coaching Employees

This site provides recommendations to help develop coaching skills by Mark Campbell of the Society of Professional Consultants and can be found Here

Guidelines and workbook for mentors

involved in the Future Harvest Centers for Mentoring Program. Supported by the Gender & Diversity Program of the CGIAR System is found Here.
Guidelines for coordinators the Future Harvest Centers for Mentoring Program supported by the Gender & Diversity Program of the CGIAR System found Here

Paying It Forward: Mentoring Emerging Leaders

From the Third National Conference on Women, Addiction and Recovery, September 15 – 17 2008
This archived workshop explores the relationship between mentor and protégé. Using a real-life example, the presenters discuss formal and informal mentorships; negatives and positives of each; how to pick a mentor; and the expectations of mentor and protégé. Motivational techniques that make a positive relationship also will be addressed. Two presentations are found Here,

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