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Supervision Intervention Strategies

Recruitment and Retention Toolkit   Supervision Intervention Strategies   Staff Performance Reviews [2.8.4]   Performance Development Planning and Scheduling [2.8.4.b.]

Performance Development Planning and Scheduling [2.8.4.b.]

According the article, Performance Development Planning What Is a PDP Process? The Performance Development Plan “process enables you and the people who report to you to identify their personal and business goals that are most significant to your organization's success.” This process encourages each staff person to see how their job and performance outcomes are included in the larger organizational goals.
Carnegie Mellon University ties performance reviews into its strategic plan. Their HR Web site offers performance review guidelines for managers and employee performance self-assessment forms along with tips on Avoiding Bias in Performance Reviews and Conducting Accurate and Effective Performance Reviews among other helpful links.
There is increased support for more regular performance reviews.
Templates are available for One Page Performance Review Form [2.10.1c 7] and the Multiple Page Performance Review Form [2.10.1c 8].

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