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Supervision Intervention Strategies

Additional Resources for Coaching and Mentoring [2.8.5.b]

The Alberta Health Services – Inter-professional Mentoring Guide for Supervisors, Staff, and Students was developed for healthcare practitioners and students to support inter-professional practice education for students at the workplace setting.
Inside Out Discovery, an international organizational development firm and the home of Coaching for Commitment with Cindy Coe and Amy Zehnder, offers books workshops and assessments on the subject of coaching
High-Impact Mentoring discusses mentoring within the social learning system including expanding the use of one-to-one mentoring as a productivity tool; increasing learning networks with group mentoring and solving pressing issues with situational mentoring.
Ten Keys for Successfully Coaching Employees provides recommendations to help develop coaching skills by Mark Campbell of the Society of Professional Consultants.
Guidelines and workbook for mentors, mentees and coordinators involved in the Future Harvest Centers Mentoring Program supported by the Gender and Diversity Program of the CGIAR System are used to leverage staff diversity and experience. The resources include templates for contracts, development plans, journal entries, checklists and include information on networking, relationships and building those skills useful to develop mentoring programs.

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