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Recruitment Intervention Strategies

Employee Referrals [2.2.2.c.3]

Another technique for utilizing the knowledge and contacts within your organization is the employee referral program. In the recruitment section of its workforce Web site under Strategies for Agencies, the Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC) explains why it is beneficial to use current employees as recruiters.

The Web site, “Employee Hiring Explained” provides perspective on the use of employee referrals and describes how to design a program.
Offering modest cash or other bonus to employees for candidate referrals can increase morale and help you find an applicant who is, in part, “a known quantity.” With or without a referral bonus or other type of incentive, a referral program often leads to the recruiting of superior candidates. These sample procedures and a basic form for employee referral capture the basic information needed for the process.

CareerBuilder offers helpful tips on keeping employees engaged in the employee referral program.


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