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Recruitment Intervention Strategies

Hiring from Within [2.2.2.c.2]

There are many advantages to hiring from within an organization. The track record and skills of the present employees are known commodities. This makes it relatively easy to assess whether an individual has the potential to fill a current vacancy. Information on external applicants is less reliable, because it’s based on brief interviews and the references provided by the applicant.
Announcing an open position within an organization is as easy as posting it on a bulletin board where it can be easily seen, sending an email about the position to all employees, and posting the job description on the company Web site. 
Other benefits of hiring from within:
  • An internal applicant already knows the culture of the organization, including its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Relationships with (at least some) other employees are already established, and you can assess whether they are positive or negative.
  • It is less expensive to hire from within, as you save the costs of an extensive job search.
The Authority Directory outlines pros and cons of hiring from within.
Perhaps the most important consideration in this process is the development of a fair process for hiring from within. A fair hiring process can help to avoid hurt feelings from an employee who is not selected for a promotion or transfer, and minimize jealousy toward the internal candidate who is selected.

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