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Recruitment Intervention Strategies

Facebook and Recruiting [2.2.2.g.2]

Facebook is becoming increasingly popular for job recruitment. The popular social networking site has company pages where you can post jobs and disseminate news about your company. Applications or “apps” (computer application software designed for a specific task) are available for recruiting on Facebook. Some apps automatically post jobs from the employer’s Web site.

Employers on the cutting edge are experimenting with methods to identify job applicants from Facebook using innovative techniques, such as games and contests.The CIA has been using Facebook for recruiting since 2006 and the IRS has a recruitment page.
Facebook may provide another tool for recruitment; it is also being used by more employers to check on the non-working lives of potential hires with mixed feelings by these candidates.
A webinar and slideshow on using Facebook for recruitment highlights insight to this recruitment tool and tips on mistakes to avoid.

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