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Supervision Intervention Strategies

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Resource Tools for Effective Communication [2.8.7.b]

The following resources are tools to help improve communication by building skills fundamental to the workplace.
Guide to Grammar and Writing is an online grammar tool to help individuals write reports and research papers and to resolve grammatical questions. This site is sponsored by the Capital Community College Foundation.
Sentence Sense is an online textbook in basic writing offering approaches to becoming more confident writers. The online guide outlines how sentences work; focuses on errors that commonly appear in written English and suggests techniques and topics for developing ideas in writing. This site is sponsored by the Capital Community College Foundation.
Running Effective Meetingsis an article on meetings etiquette provides tipsfor communicating with staff members, generating ideas, expanding on thoughts, and managing group activity.

Writing Effective Emails
identifies strategies to make sure your email messages get read and acted on.

Questioning Techniques
, an article on how to ask questions effectively, provides an overview and examples of the different questioning techniques and offers suggestions for their use.
See 10 Tips from a TED blogger on creating better slides. Mind Tools on Active Listening offers active listening theory, tips and techniques.
Using PowerPoint by Susan Tapert offers the basics in creating PowerPoint presentation and covers selecting font, color, capitalization, text and animation.
How to Organize a Paper or PowerPoint Presentation by Jean-Joel Villier, MD and Susan Tapert, PhD provides a model for organizing a paper or PowerPoint presentation. It addresses literature review, taking notes, creating an outline, developing a draft, references.
A Guide to Web Conferencing Interactivity [2.8.5.b.1], by Ken Molay briefly outlines some ways you can improve the participatory experience in using the features of virtual conferencing software.
The first part of this article, How to Develop a Policy  by Susan M. Heathfield includes information on developing work policies and offers samples for a variety of policies. The second part, Write, Implement, and Integrate the Policy discuss steps for completion and a sample employee sign off template.

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