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Supervision Intervention Strategies

Active Listening [2.8.7.a]

Listening is a key communication skill that has a major impact on supervisors’ effectiveness at work and how well they relate to their staff. The article, The Art of a Being a Good Listener: What All New Supervisors Should Know about Listening Skills describes the importance of good listening skills for building trust in the work environment.

Information on developing four skills for active listening, is found on the article, Developing Active Listening Skills.

A research article on supervisor’s listening attitudes and skills and the effects on workplace stress is available in abstract form.
Communication is not always completed on a one-to-one level; although many of techniques can be translated to working with groups there are some special techniques to make team work or group-to-group communication more successful. The “Johari Window Model of Communication” is a communication model that can be used to improve understanding between individuals within a team or in a group setting. The article, The Johari Window: Creating Better Understanding between Individuals and Groups is based on disclosure, self-disclosure and feedback.

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