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Supervision Intervention Strategies

Gauging the Impact of the Negative Boss [2.8.2.a.1]

Maureen Moriarty, an expert in leadership training, has written an article designed to help managers conduct an exercise in self awareness. It can help supervisors determine whether their impact is positive or negative, and identifies triggers that can result in impulsive or emotional reactions to employees.

Additional information on the impact of a negative boss is reported by Brad Gilbreath in the journal Work and Stress. Gilbreath proposes that staff’s relationship with the boss may affect his well-being as much as his/her relationship with a spouse. For more information read the Psychology Today article Good Boss, Bad Boss. Resources for dealing with stress in the workplace, on the organizational level and for individuals are included in this Web portal’s chapter, Dealing with Stress in the Workplace: Frustration, Stress and Compassion Fatigue/Burnout [2.10.0].

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