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Supervision Intervention Strategies

Recruitment and Retention Toolkit   Supervision Intervention Strategies   Supervision Styles [2.8.2]   Using the Most Effective Leadership Style: Situational Leadership [2.8.2.a]   Supervision Competency Development Initiative (SCDI): Enhancing Supervisory Skills in Connecticut’s

Supervision Competency Development Initiative (SCDI): Enhancing Supervisory Skills in Connecticut’s Behavioral Health Workforce [2.8.2.a.4]

The State of Connecticut and the Yale Group on Workforce Development are helping to increase the capacity of front-line supervisors to train, manage and mentor direct care staff with the support of web-based learning resources.  Called the Supervision Competency Development Initiative (SCDI), it was divided into two phases. 
The first phase was focused on core skill development for four domains of supervision: quality of care, administration, professional development and support. Throughout the training, supervisors learned about "contracting" with supervisees, identifying a supervisee's learning needs, building an education plan, and working with "supervision resistant" supervisees. 
The second phase focused on developing an agency-specific plan for the sustainability of these skills. This effort includes strategies to develop formal supervision standards for each participating agency, such as frequency and duration of supervision. The web-based learning modules continues in Phase II with the goal of reducing the need for didactic in-service training and increasing the use of workplace-based learning guided by the supervisor and supported through e-learning modules. Information on this initiative and related links are available at the project’s home page which also includes an agency wide supervision plan template and poster. Downloadable resources are found on the Collaborative resource web page. Full reports on Collaborative Initiatives along with articles and links relevant to the behavioral health workforce are also available.

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