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Training Intervention Strategies

Analyzing Tasks and Skills

By analyzing tasks and skills, you can better decide what type of training development approach is needed and whether it is a relatively simple design or if it requires multiple collaborators to design. Useful information can be obtained in advanced to make this decision. For example, analyze the training audience to gather information such as what do they know—or think they know—about the subject (i.e., this provides insight into their relationship to subject), or what is the range in educational levels among the target audience (i.e., this provide information into factors that impact communication). It is also important to identify specific training goals and objectives that drive content and the way training is presented. Lastly, document employee tasks and skills to pin point the type of training required to achieve desired outcomes such as improving performance of certain tasks or gaining a broader knowledge of how to implement evidence-based practices. Analyzing Tasks and Skills covers the following topics:       

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