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Training Intervention Strategies

Recruitment and Retention Toolkit   Training Intervention Strategies [2.7]   Options for Addressing Training Needs 2.7.3   Alternative Training Strategies and Methods that Help Learners Retain Information

Alternative Training Strategies and Methods that Help Learners Retain Information

Adult learners must retain information from training in order to benefit from the new information presented. A wide array of strategies can be employed to support and to help learners retain information presented during training, or on occasion provide alternatives to formal training. Keep in mind the principles of adult learning in selecting strategies that help participants retain new learning from training. Also, refer to tips on making training stick, which are covered in the Training Intervention Strategies section on the Keys to Successful Training.
Stephen Lieb, Senior Technical Writer and Planner for the Arizona Department of Health Services and part-time Instructor at South Mountain Community College, writes that, “Instructors' jobs are not finished until they have assisted the learner in retaining the information. In order for adult participants to retain the information taught, they must see a meaning or purpose for that information. Simply stated, if the participants did not learn the material well initially, they will not retain it well either. Retention by participants is directly affected by their amount of practice during the learning. Instructors should emphasize retention and application. After students demonstrate correct (desired) performance, they should be urged to practice this new knowledge to maintain the desired performance.”
Several successful strategies that can be used to compliment training (or used instead of training) include the following:
  1. Mentoring 
  2. Exchange visits and cooperative projects
  3. Modeling
  4. Communities of practice
  5. Job Aids and Resources

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