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Training Intervention Strategies

Methods of Training Delivery

Key elements to consider in evaluating options for training include content, resources, and characteristics of the audience to be trained. Most essential to training delivery is how training is delivered by the presenter. Explore Human Resources provides an informative slide show on the ‘Seven Principles to Deliver a Powerful Training Program,’ and Scott H. Young’s 18-tips-for-killer-presentations provides effective training delivery tips and strategies. Other resources on delivery and selecting an approach include:
In choosing the best method of delivery, consider three factors:
(1) Nature of the content. For example: 
  • Do training objectives require participants to learn to read visual cues, such as body language and facial expressions? If so, include slides or video.
  • Do training objectives require participants to respond appropriately to a variety of possible statements or cues? If so, consider a demonstration and/or role playing element.
  • Do training objectives require participants to use a computer to find information? If so, consider a Webinar that allows learners to do this in real time.
(2) Resources available to deliver the training. For example:
  • If content would benefit from this approach, is funding available to develop media?
  • Is an LCD projector readily available to project slides and video?
  • Is it affordable to bring participants to a single site for training? 
  • Are they located in the same place or geographically distributed?
  • How many participants are there?
  • Do they share preferred approaches to learning?
  • Do they have access to computers? 
Once you narrow down the nature of content, resources available, and characteristics of participants, it is time to think about the best method to reach your target audience. In selecting methods of training delivery, consider the following factors:

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