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Training Intervention Strategies

Effective Modeling

Examples of effective modeling and demonstrations strategies include the following:
  • An addiction agency is introducing motivational interviewing as a standard practice for clients that are mandated through the courts for driving while intoxicated. The agency provides a demonstration as well as training by an expert practitioner within the agency, and then follows up with exercises in which students pair off to role play skills. Trainees are taped as they use the new strategy, and their supervisors give feedback and pointers.
  • A hospital wants to be sure it is providing trauma-informed care. It sends key staff to visit another hospital that is recognized as a leader in the practice and to meet with the implementation team.
  • A mental health services agency is trying out a new approach to shared decision-making between psychiatrists and consumers. It invites a leading practitioner to demonstrate techniques, and then critiques role plays by staff who will implement the practice.
  • A multi-site service provider introduces a checklist designed to help improve quality control during intake. Counselors who are responsible for intake visit a pilot site that is using the checklist to observe its use and hear from other counselors on how it is working.

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