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Recruitment Intervention Strategies

Aids and Assists for Realistic Job Previews

The following are online resources that can help with understand or preparing for the Realistic Job Preview:
Calculating Turnover Rates
How to Determine your Retention, Turnover, and Vacancy Rates [2.1.1.a.1] is a downloadable, detailed worksheet, to help you determine your turnover retention and vacancy rates.
Unwanted Employee Turnover Is Costing You More Than You Realize, is an interactive link to help you calculate your turnover cost rates. It automatically calculates turnover costs for specific positions in your organization including nonexempt employees, exempt employees and executives.
Exit Interviews
The National Direct Service Workforce Resource Center, created by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) responds to the shortage of workers who provide direct care and personal assistance to individuals who need long-term supports and services. The DSW Resource Center brings together experts in the field of direct service workforce policy to support the successful implementation of efforts to improve recruitment and retention of direct support professionals who assist people with disabilities and older adults.

A report on the demonstration project to improve the Direct Service Community Workforce by testing the effectiveness of different workforce interventions (including RJPs) explains best practices in the retention and recruitment of Direct Service Workers.

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