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Recruitment Intervention Strategies

Realistic Job Previews (RJPs) Steps and Timing

Interview steps can take place in one day or through several interactions. The following are examples of interview steps that allow the candidate to select out at any time:
  1. The interviewee can read a detailed job description, including policies that might be unacceptable to some candidates (e.g., mandatory overtime, travel, unusual work hours or coverage).
  2. The remaining candidates could be screened using an assessment tool or other selection test.
  3. Candidates that pass the screening could participate in a structured observation experience.
  4. The remaining candidates could view a videotape, participate in a tour of the agency, or take part in a “shadowing” experience or group Q & A applicant meeting. 
  5. The most expensive part of the selection process, i.e., one-to-one or panel interviews, is conducted with the remaining candidates.

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