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Recruitment Intervention Strategies

Information to Include in a Realistic Job Preview

Include both descriptive and judgmental information:
  • Descriptive information is factual, such as pay, the timing of raises, benefits, and work hours.
  • Judgmental information is perceptual, and is the most influential in determining how someone will feel about the job. These topics include information that might dissatisfy or be misperceived by candidates and is not addressed in the written information. Examples include weekend hours, how the organization responds to a crisis, supervisory specifics, and the need to cover another staff member’s cases under certain circumstances.
Gathering information from key stakeholder and organizational sources is the best way to secure reliable content for the RJP:
  • Interview a group of employees that have a connection to the position, i.e., currently or formerly in the position or supervising the position.
  • Gather information from as many sources as possible, such as job descriptions and other organizational information.
Questions you can ask to identify information for an RJP are included in the following resources:
Questions to Recent Hires [2.2.1.h.1]
Questions to Supervisors or Incumbents[2.2.1.h.2]

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