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Recruitment Intervention Strategies

Five Key Realistic Job Preview (RJP) Attributes

Breaugh and Billings [1] (1998) recommend five key attributes in a RJP that are still relevant today: accuracy, specificity, breadth, credibility, and importance. RJPs have the most significant impact on applicants’ decisions to accept and keep jobs if the information:
  1. Is an accurate portrayal of both the positive and negative aspects of the job;
  2. Deals with the job specifically, rather than with a broad-brush overview;
  3. Describes the various aspects of the job, rather than focusing on a few elements;
  4. Is received from a credible source, such as incumbents or someone who has performed or supervised the job; and
  5. Is important for the applicant to know before deciding to accept the job offer.

[1] Breaugh, J, & Billings, R. (1988). The realistic job preview: key elements and their importance for research and practice. Journal of Business and Psychology, 2(4), 291-305.

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